Vol. LXXVII, 2 (2008)
p. 215 - 244

Invariant differential pairings

J. Kroeske

Received: March 29, 2007;  Accepted: August 14, 2007

Abstract.  In this paper the notion of an M-th order invariant bilinear differential pairing is introduced and a formal definition is given. If the manifold has an AHS structure, then various first order pairings are constructed. This yields a classification of all first order invariant bilinear differential pairings on homogeneous spaces with an AHS structure except for certain totally degenerate cases. Moreover higher order invariant bilinear differential pairings are constructed on these homogeneous spaces which leads to a classification on complex projective space for the non degenerate cases. A degenerate case corresponds to the existence of an invariant linear differential operator.

Keywords:  AHS structures; projective differential geometry; homogeneous spaces; invariant operators.

AMS Subject classification: Primary:  53A20;  Secondary: 53A40, 53C30, 53A30, 53A55, 58J70

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