Vol. LXXX, 2 (2011)
p. 171 - 184

Unsteady flow of a conducting dusty fluid
between two circular cylinders

G. K. Ramesh, Mahesha, B. J. Gireesha and C. S. Bagewadi.

Received: January 10, 2010;   Revised: February 15, 2011;   Accepted: February 22, 2011

Abstract.   The present analysis deals with the study of laminar flow of a conducting dusty fluid with uniform distribution of dust particles between two circular cylinders. Initially the fluid and dust particles are at rest. The flow is due to the influence of time dependent pressure gradient and the differential rotations of the circular cylinders. The exact solutions for both fluid and dust velocities are obtained by using Variable Separable method. Further the skin friction, at the boundaries are calculated. Finally the changes in the velocity profiles with R is shown graphically.

Keywords:  Circular cylinder; laminar flow; conducting dusty fluid; velocity of dust phase and fluid phase; skin friction; periodic motion; impulsive motion; transition motion; motion for a finite time.  

AMS Subject classification: Primary:  76T10, 76T15  

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