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17th Conference on Scientific Computing
Vysoké Tatry - Podbanské, Slovakia
March 13 - 18, 2005
Proceedings of contributed papers and posters

Angela Handlovicova, Zuzana Kriva, Karol Mikula, Daniel Sevcovic

ISBN 80-227-2192-1 (Printed Edition)


S. Ganesan, L. Tobiska:
Finite Element Simulation of a Droplet Impinging a Horizontal Surface

J. Makovicka, V. Havlena, M. Benes:
On a Model of Coal Combustion

Shu-Ren Hysing, S Turek:
The Eikonal Equation: Numerical Efficiency vs. Algorithmic Complexity on Quadrilateral Grids

K. Mikula, D. Sevcovic:
Tangentially Stabilized Lagrangian Algorithm for Elastic Curve Evolution Driven by Intrinsic Laplacian of Curvature

S. Lang:
Advances in Parallel Adaptive Simulation on Unstructured Meshes

D. Frydrych, P. Ralek:
The Solution of Coupled Heat and Moisture Diffusion with Sorption for Textiles

G. Baerwolff, M. Hinze:
Boundary Control of Semiconductor Melts

M. Lukacova-Medvidova:
Numerical Modeling of Shallow Flows Including Bottom Topography and Friction Effects

P. Bures , R. Liska:
Hybrid Schemes for Euler Equations in Lagrangian Coordinates

P. Vachal, R.V. Garimella:
On Quality Improvement of Triangular Meshes Using Node Reconnection

M. Vohralik:
Equivalence between Lowest-Order Mixed Finite Element and Multi-Point Finite Volume Methods. Derivation, Properties and Numerical Experiments

J. Maryska, O. Severyn, M. Tauchman, D. Tondr:
Modelling of the Groundwater Flow in Fractured Rock - a New Approach.

M. Hokr, J. Maryska:
Influence of Mesh Geometry to Numerical Diffusion in Upwind Scheme for Porous Media Solute Transport

J. Sembera, J. Maryska:
Basic Numerical Testing of Mixed Hybrid FE Model of Compressible Flow with Artificial Viscosity

L. Prasil, V. Kracik, D. Frydrych:
Shape Modelling of Air Bellows Springs

J. Vala, J. Svoboda:
Numerical Modelling of Fe-Cr-Ni Diffusive Phase Transformation

M. Remesikova:
Numerical Solution of Contaminant Transport Problems with Non- Equilibrium Adsorption in 2D

A. Balazova, M. Slodicka:
Simulation of Reactive Contaminant Transport of Chlorinated Solvents

R. Straka, Z. Culik:
Numerical Aspects of a Bacteria Growth Model

I. Lagzi, F. Izsak:
Micro and Macro Level Stochastic Simulation of Reaction-Diffusion Systems

J. Dalik:
Local Quadratic Approximation in Vertices of Planar Triangulations

G. Oksa, M. Vajtersic:
Preconditioning in the Parallel Block-Jacobi SVD Algorithm

M. Markiewicz, H. Voss:
A Local Restart Procedure for Iterative Projection Methods for Nonlinear Symmetric Eigenproblems

E. Braverman, M. Israeli, A. Sherman:
A Fast Solver for Elliptic Equations with Harmonic Coefficient Approximations

B. Nicolescu, C. Popa, U. Ruede:
An Extended-Matrix Preconditioner for Nonself-Adjoint Nonseparable Elliptic Equations

J.D. Tebbens:
GMRES Acceleration Analysis for a Convection Diffusion Model Problem

D.J. Higham, G. Kalna, J.K. Vass:
Analysis of the Singular Value Decomposition as a Tool for Processing Microarray Expression Data

C. Popa, R. Zdunek:
Penalized Least-Squares Image Reconstruction for Borehole Tomography

L. Vasa, V. Skala:
Resolution Improvement of Digitized Images

M. Varnuska, J. Parus, I. Kolingerova:
Simple Holes Triangulation in Surface Reconstruction

J. Kohout, T. Hlavaty, I. Kolingerova, V. Skala:
Feature Extraction of 2-Manifold Using Delaunay Triangulation

P. Vanecek, R. Svitak, I. Kolingerova, V. Skala:
Quadrilateral Meshes Stripification

J. Patera. V. Skala:
Centered Cubic Lattice Method Comparison

N. Fedosenko, E. Sokolov:
Method of Generation of Adaptive Analytical Grids Based on Poisson Equation

B. Stehlikova, D. Sevcovic:
On a Volatility Averaging in a Two-Factor Interest Rate Model

J. Komornik, M. Komornikova:
Modelling Slovak Unemployment Data by a Nonlinear Long Memory Model

P. Bangert:
Downhill Simplex Methods for Optimizing Simulated Annealing are Effective

S. Emet, T. Westerlund:
Modeling and Optimization of a Dynamic Separation Process Using Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming

L. Halada, M. Lucka, I. Melichercik:
Optimal Multistage Portfolio Management Using a Parallel Interior Point Method

R. Krahl, E. Baensch:
Computational Comparison Between the Taylor - Hood and the Conforming Crouzeix - Raviart Element