Doctoral degree program Applied Mathematics

Doctoral degree program Applied Mathematics (abbr. AM) at FMPI reflects the need of the labor market for enough graduates mastering not only basic mathematical disciplines, but also being able to apply mathematical knowledge in other sciences such as physics, biomathematics, theoretical economics and finance. These applied disciplines require deepening and expanding of the mathematical methods and creating new high-quality models. At the same time, they require mastery of modern software tools for performing scientific and technical calculations. The PhD program Applied Mathematics has the ambition to combine deep mathematical knowledge in the field of mathematical analysis, statistics and mathematical modeling with the acquisition of knowledge from frontier scientific disciplines.

Study part

The focus of the study part is the individual study of literature designated by the supervisor. Part of the study can also be attending the lectures in selected subjects. Another part of the study is active participation in regular scientific seminars, the selection of which for the doctoral student is determined by the supervisor. At the same time, the evaluation of the PhD student may include his/her participation in domestic and international conferences and summer/winter schools, giving a talk at a conference and publication of an article in a peer-reviewed journal. Within the study part of the program, the student must complete doctoral lectures worth in total at least 40 credits, but not more than 70 credits.

The courses in Probability Theory, Random Dynamical Systems, Nonlinear Statistical Models and Simulation Methods are suitable for PhD students who focus on probability theory and mathematical statistics.

By completing the courses in Asymptotic Methods, Fluid Flow Models, Biomatematics and Fundamentals of Mathematical Modeling in the Empirical Sciences, the student will gain knowledge of modern methods of mathematical modeling and analysis of models in the natural and physical sciences.

For PhD students focused on financial mathematics and mathematical economics, it is recommended to take the courses Analysis of Financial Mathematics Models, Probabilistic Modeling in Insurance and Selected Parts of Financial Mathematics.

Completion of the courses Internal Point Methods in Linear Programming and Modern Methods of Convex Optimization is recommended for doctoral students with a focus on modern optimization methods.

Scientific part

The focus of the scientific part is the writing of a dissertation thesis. The work should prove the doctoral student's readiness to work scientifically by providing either an original mathematical result or an original application of mathematical theory in a selected scientific discipline, such as physics, biomatematics, theoretical economics and mathematical theory of finance. The result of the work should be publishable in a peer-reviewed scientific journal in the field of mathematics or in the subject area of its application. The student is encouraged to present his/her scientific results at a domestic or international conference. All these activities are properly credited in the study program.


Full-time doctoral students who have permanent residency in the European Union are entitled to receive a scholarship for the entire standard duration of their studies. The scholarships are paid starting on the date of enrollment. The scholarship is determined in accordance with the tables included in the Law no. 553/2003 Z.z. as follows:

  • PhD student before the dissertation exam: EUR 807.50
  • PhD student after the dissertation exam: EUR 940.50
According to current laws, scholarships are not subject to taxes or other fees.

Doctoral studies are considered an equivalent to full time employment and in the majority of cases cannot be combined with another employment. Job holding applicants who intend to keep their job are advised to apply for the external (distance) form of doctoral studies. Doctoral students enrolled in the regular form are expected to participate in teaching activities such as conducting recitations or exam grading, in accordance with the needs of their corresponding departments.

Information about the program

Program characteristics:
  • Program: Applied Mathematics
  • Form: full-time / external
  • Štandardná dĺžka štúdia: full-time form 4 years, external form 5 years
  • Program director: prof. RNDr. Daniel Ševčovič, DrSc.

More information:

Recommendation from graduates of AM study program

Martin Hurban - data scientist in the text data processing team at KBC (Belgium's 2nd largest bank); graduate of MEFM (master's program) and AM

Martin Hurban

”In 2015, I graduated from Mathematics of Economy, Finance and Modeling at FMPI CU. During my studies at MEFM, I was taught algorithmic thinking and I received a good mathematical foundation, which allows a very fast entry into a wide range of scientific areas. Building this foundation has led me to learn to systematically learn, which is one of the most useful qualities today. My studies were accompanied by stimulating teachers and a motivating team of classmates, who helped me move forward in developing analytical as well as communication skills. After completing the master's program, I continued in the doctoral program Applied Mathematics, where I dealt with the modeling of solidification of liquids. After my doctoral studies, I decided to change the direction of my work and took up the position of a data scientist at ČSOB bank, where I focused on creating models predicting customer behavior, as well as developing algorithms for geographic data processing. I am currently working on word processing and the development of virtual partners in KBC (the parent bank of ČSOB). Studying this program has given me a wide range of applications and allowed me to choose my area of ​​interest.”

Selected achievements of students and graduates of AM

  • Jozef Kováč became the laureate of the student scientific conference in the Mathematics section for his work Random Dynamical Systems Generated by Two Allee Impressions (2017).

  • The FMPI UK Dean's Award for the best dissertation thesis in the Mathematics section went to Zuzana Bučková (2017, supervisor Prof. RNDr. Daniel Ševčovič, DrSc.), Samuel Rosa (2018, supervisor doc. Mgr. Radoslav Harman, PhD.), Jozef Kováč (2019, supervisor doc. RNDr. Katarína Janková , CSc.).

  • Successes of doctoral students at domestic and international conferences during their studies:
    • Samuel Rosa won the Young Scientists Awards at the LinStat'2018 international conference with the talk Optimal designs for treatment comparisons represented by graphs (2018, 1st prize),
    • Alena Bachratá received the award The Best Student's Poster Presentation at the international conference PROBASTAT 2015 with the poster Schur-Optimal Augmentation of Block Designs with the Block Size Two (2015),
    • at the international conference LinStat'2012, Alena Bachratá won the award for the best poster with the poster Using Methods of Stochastic Optimization for Constructing Optimal Experimental Designs with Cost Constraints (2012).