Master's degree program Probability and Mathematical Statistics

Numerical and text data, such as financial, socio-economic, biomedical and telecommunication, are a hallmark of modern society. The most widespread and successful tool for processing datasets is mathematical statistics, which is built on the basis of probability theory. Statistical methods make it possible to obtain useful information from data and to make more objective decisions based on this information.

The concept of the master's study program Probability and Mathematical Statistics (abbreviated PMS) at FMPI CU is in line with the curriculum of university education in the field of statistics at leading universities in the European Union and the United States. Teaching is provided by internationally recognized experts with extensive pedagogical experience.

The study program Probability and Mathematical Statistics consists of a block of compulsory subjects and a block of optional subjects. Compulsory subjects include subjects covering the main areas, especially random processes, nonlinear statistical models, analysis of multidimensional data and stochastic simulation methods. Optional courses broaden the horizons of graduates in specific areas important for the application of statistics. These include analysis of biomedical data, reliability theory, optimization methods and work with database systems. Theoretical knowledge in all subjects is demonstrated on real problems solved using modern mathematical and statistical software. Students of Probability and Mathematical Statistics are led to independent, creative and critical thinking.


Graduates of the Master's degree program Probability and Mathematical Statistics are in great demand on the labor market, especially in the financial and insurance sectors, but also in the information technology sector, telecommunications companies, government agencies and in education. Many of them work in management positions in major insurance companies, banks, state institutions and other workplaces. Some graduates of Probability and Mathematical Statistics successfully continue their PhD studies and academic careers in Slovakia and abroad.

Information about the program

Program characteristics:

  • Program: Probability and Mathematical Statistics
  • Field: Mathematics
  • Form: full-time
  • Usual duration: 2 years
  • Program director: prof. RNDr. Marek Fila, DrSc.

More information:

Recommendation from graduates of Probability and Mathematical Statistics

Zuzana Ďurináková - Actuarial Senior Consultant in EY; graduate of IM and PMS.

Zuzana Ďurináková

”Studying insurance mathematics or probability and mathematical statistics pays off for several reasons. These study programs are in great demand in the labor market, there is a shortage of actuaries and statisticians. So there is very little chance that you would not find a job in the field you studied and would like to work in. It often happens that companies choose their future employees during their studies. That was also my case. In the third year of my studies, I started an internship at the Generali insurance company, which gave me a lot of practical experience. Thanks to the quality theoretical knowledge I gained in university lectures, I had no problem to find a job position that would meet my work expectations and was a so-called dream job for me. If I had a time machine and again faced deciding what to study, I would decide the same again. There is no better school within the field in Slovakia.”

Martin Hrivňák - Senior Actuary in Aon; graduate of PMS.

„My studies at FMPI CU significantly improved my abilities of critical thinking and complex problem analysis. Wide range of courses covered master's degree program Probability and Mathematical Statistics gives good overview of possible specific focuses, but I highly recommend the option to take various subjects from other study programs. Thanks to this I got much better overview of real life applications of mathematics. I realized quite soon that I like mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, but mostly loss models and probability theory. FMPI in your CV and especially program PMS opens doors to various job opportunities. In my case it were actuarial positions, due to my interest in non life actuarial loss models. Since my studies, I have been working in a field that employs many of FMPI graduates every year. At the same time, every day I use the skills I gained during my studies.”

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Selected achievements of students and graduates of PMS

  • Achievements in the competition of the Slovak Statistical and Demographic Society for the Best Student's Analytical Work: Daniel Hladký (2017, 2nd place), Michal Árvai (2017, 3rd place), Barbara Bubáková (2016, 1st place), Zuzana Rošťáková (2014, 1st place), Katarína Burclová (2013, 1st place), Michaela Cehlárová (2013, 3rd place)
    Competition SSDS 2013

  • Achievements in the competition of Slovak Society of Actuaries for the Best Actuarial Master's Thesis: Mikuláš David Zeman (2021, 1st place), Denis Škamla (2021, 2nd place), Matúš Padyšák (2020, 2nd place), Barbara Bubáková (2018, 3rd place), Katarína Cibulková (2017, 2nd place), Zuzana Baradlaiová (2016, 2nd place), Zuzana Kabáthová (2014, 3rd place)
    Competition SSA 2017

  • Achievements in the Czech-Slovak Student Scientific Conference: Zuzana Rošťáková (2015, 1st place), Katarína Burclová (2014, 2nd-3rd place)
    Competition SSDS 2014