Bachelor's degree program Insurance Mathematics

The study program Insurance Mathematics (abbr. IM) is created with the aim to prepare highly qualified experts for the areas of insurance and finance with the knowledge of mathematical and statistical methods. The program is a balanced combination of mathematics, statistics, and insurance mathematics.

The key courses offered to the students of Insurance Mathematics can be divided into three areas:

  • Mathematics. In the first two years of study, the student will gain knowledge of mathematical analysis, algebra, programming, as well as the basics of probability and statistics.
  • Probability and Mathematical Statistics. In the third year, the student will expand their knowledge of mathematical statistics and probability by learning both the theoretical background of statistical analyses, as well as practical applications using statistical software.
  • Insurance Mathematics. The program contains more than 10 courses on insurance and finance, including life insurance, general insurance theory (non-life insurance), probabilistic models in insurance (risk theory), health insurance, insurance law and accounting, mathematical models in demography, financial mathematics and corporate finance. Lectures are usually recommended for the 2nd and 3rd year of study, when the student already has the necessary knowledge of mathematical analysis and probability theory.


During their studies, the graduate of the Insurance Mathematics study program acquires a solid mathematical background and knowledge of core approaches and methods of mathematics and statistics, which enables them to continue their master's studies in the follow-up study program Probability and Statistics, but also in several related programs. In addition to being able to use knowledge of statistics to solve the tasks of data collection and analysis in common statistical models, the graduate also has in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of insurance, finance, and mathematical modelling. He/she knows the issues and models used in various areas of insurance: life, non-life, health insurance and demographic statistics. The graduate knows how to use information technology and statistical software, can independently work with Slovak and English scientific literature and present his/her results.

Graduates of the study program Insurance Mathematics have career opportunities mainly in the field of insurance, banking, and other related areas, e.g., as actuaries or analysts. They can also apply their knowledge in various other sectors where statistical methods are used, both in public administration and in the private sector. After completing the follow-up program, all graduates were employed, several of whom have already achieved remarkable successes and positions as senior analysts or team leaders in insurance and financial institutions. Larger groups of our graduates work in several major insurance companies, as well as in banks and other financial institutions in Slovakia. Completion of the study provides a strong background for successfully passing international actuarial exams.

10 reasons to study Insurance Mathematics:

  • interesting and wide range of courses: finance, probability, statistics, demography and more,
  • study program with more than 20 years of history,
  • possibility of specialization to other similar areas (risk management, finance, pension schemes, mathematical modelling in theory of probability, statistics of clinical trials, data analysis and others),
  • upon successful completion of the study, the graduate will confidently find a job position in the field,
  • the position of actuary is attractive and very desired by employers,
  • remarkable job activities during the working career,
  • the possibility for significant personal growth,
  • highly above average salaries,
  • in the CareerCast ranking, the profession of actuary finished in the TOP10 out of 200 rated jobs,
  • in addition to an excellent salary, the graduate can also expect other benefits during his/her career (e.g., traveling, support for further education by the employer, working remotely, etc.).

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Recommendation from graduates of the Insurance Mathematics

Zuzana Takácsová - Team Lead & Expert in the People Analytics department, Swiss Re Management A.G.; graduate of IM and PMS.

Zuzana Takácsová

“I regard my decision to study at MATFYZ (Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Informatics) as one of the most rewarding choices of my life, and I am proud to uphold the faculty's esteemed reputation both professionally and personally. My passion for learning and career progression is greatly enhanced by my education; it has equipped me with the agility to swiftly adapt to new programming languages, technologies, and innovative methods without hesitation. Consequently, I am furthering my education at the Faculty of Management. In the realm of People Analytics at Swiss Re, our work involves analysing the company's internal staff, scrutinising their behaviour, and conducting comprehensive global reports and analyses, even presenting our findings to the upper echelons of management. Our tools of the trade include SQL for data collection and preparation, along with R and Python for forecasting and machine learning, complemented by data visualisation through Tableau. For those intrigued, MATFYZ doesn't just teach you how to learn; it fosters independent thinking. A sincere commitment and countless hours dedicated to computer work or mastering proofs will undoubtedly yield significant dividends in the future.”

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Selected achievements of students and graduates of IM

  • Achievements of IM graduates during the follow-up master's study in the competition of the Slovak Statistical and Demographic Society for the Best Student's Analytical Work: Daniel Hladký (2017, 2nd place), Michal Árvai (2017, 3rd place), Barbara Bubáková (2016, 1st place), Katarína Burclová (2013, 1st place), Michaela Cehlárová (2013, 3rd place)
    Competition SSDS 2017

  • Achievements of IM graduates during the follow-up master's study in the competition of Slovak Society of Actuaries for the Best Actuarial Thesis: Mikuláš David Zeman (2021, 1st place), Denis Škamla (2021, 2nd place), Matúš Padyšák (2020, 2nd place), Szilvia Horváthová (2019, 2nd place), Barbara Bubáková (2018, 3rd place), Katarína Cibulková (2017, 2nd place), Zuzana Baradlaiová (2016, 2nd place), Zuzana Kabáthová (2014, 3rd place)
    Competition SSA 2017

  • Achievements of IM graduates during the follow-up master's study in the Czech-Slovak Student Scientific Conference: Katarína Burclová (2014, 2nd-3rd place)